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BLAZING PISTILEROS is Powered by Vinum Trading S.L  - BCN - ESPANA - We're located in the heart of the penèdes vinyeard. We've been Growing Cannabis for the past decade, making seeds and new genetics available to the public since 2009.

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We at irievibeseeds are dedicated individuals that have true love for the cannabis & hemp plants, we try to learn more everyday from this beautiful plants gifted to us by the gods. We try to grow as much hemp as possible to help people get access to Cannabidiol, That is the real medicine !! Irievibeseeds was founded in 2008 by Blazing Pistileros Jeffman & Team Breeder DC105 you can see our work pictured in Cannabis Indica volume 1 & volume 2 and Cannabis Sativa volume 2 & Volume 3 by Green Candy Press. 

Meds For Heads.

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If you don't own a microscope and want to

harvest your plant, always wait for a week

more to gain more weight and more punch,

you will be rewarded with some great

medecinal herbs.