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BLAZING PISTILEROS is Powered by Vinum Trading S.L  - BCN - ESPANA - We're located in the heart of the penèdes vinyeard. We've been Growing Cannabis for the past decade, making seeds and new genetics available to the public since 2009.

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Mau-Mau is our flagship strain, we created it for our very good friend and amazing street artist

if you don't know him yet you should definetely check him out - Mau Website - Mau Work 4 Sale


We really love his ecological stance and wanted to do a lil something for him, we used a Blockhead from spice of life (breeder steve the good old days) and crossed it with a male killa queen F6 from our own stock, the result is some amazing crystal covered buds that turns golden once ready to be picked !  we sent some buds to Mau to have his approval, since he loved the herbs so much he decided to design the old seed pack praising peter tosh old LP legalize it. Enjoy dem Mau-Mau seeds as much as we do.

Since then Mau-Mau has been grown in various parts of the world, especially in Jamrock where original rockers loves it, seen !


Mau-Mau is very easy to grow and clone, not fertilisers sensitives, harvest will depend on the Farmer skills - can be harvested before 60 days, we mostly grow soil & organics and encourage you to do the same if you want to bring the best taste in your herbal medicine.


Mau-Mau was tested in laboratory on a MS & GC and came out at 0.5% Cannabidiol & 16.4% THC