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Choke Berry

Lineage : Loompa Moondawg X Mau-Mau

Type : sativa/indica

Indoor flowering : 70 days

Outdoor flowering : 30th of ocotber

Production : 500 to 600g/m2

Bouquet : earthy/sandalwood - Fruity/chemicals


Choke berry is one of the strongest herbs in our stable, she grows quiet heavy, with big side branches and heavy buds, very resinous, good for extractions, she will reward you with more quantities of your desired extractions. we usually let her go to 75 days for her to reach the peak of maturity. by the end of flowering you might need to support the central buds. Good strain for pain management, loss of appetite and loss of sleep. with this plant you will need to have a carbon scrubber going 24/7, the smell of dankness !

Choke berry is featured in the cannabis sativa volume 3 - you can buy the book here :