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Lineage : Black Domina X Sweet Tooth chimera

Type : Indica / sativa

Indoor flowering : 65 days

Outdoor flowering : 15th of October

Production : 400 to 500g/m2

Bouquet : gooseberry/strawberry/hash/licorice



Blacktooth got gifted to us by our friend Krip Keeper, we made it up to F4 with them, and we love them since day one, she s a very forgiving plants, minimal space when flowered, will be good for a SOG setup with very little veg time. yield is good and the resin coverage is off the hook, excellent strains to make extracts (dry/water/solvent). The effect is potent with a clear buzz, good for appetite loss and pain management, the black domina really bulks up the buds and the sweet tooth makes them extremely sweet. a delicious combo that we will keep working on.