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BLAZING PISTILEROS is Powered by Vinum Trading S.L  - BCN - ESPANA - We're located in the heart of the penèdes vinyeard. We've been Growing Cannabis for the past decade, making seeds and new genetics available to the public since 2009.

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HEAVY GUNS - Affie Bubba is a cross of the pré 1998 Bubba Kush clone only pollenated with a 1970 Humboldt Afghani male. 65 days flowering indoor for some ultra resinous goodness.

With Choke Berry, we wanted some berries tasting plant with a heavy punch, so we selected a beautiful Moondawg from our friend Loompa and pollenated with our heavy resinous Mau-mau male. 70 days flowering indoor

We used a female Fruit Loop Haze that we pollenated with a heavy resinous Mau-Mau male. 65 days flowering indoor - lots of hard rock resinous nuggets.




Latest Projects



Backcross of our winning Mau-Mau, even more mau-mau than before !



Blueberry queen crossed with a widow diesel daddy



pre 1998 bubba kush clone only crossed with a 1970 humboldt afghani daddy



1970 Humboldt afghani IBL, true old school pot